About PVS Infotech e-School.

1.e-School accelerate children's development, mainly intellectual.

2.e-School may provide a free environment for learning.

3.e-School are good tools for learning.

4.e-School improve student's achievements.

5.e-School provide for a challenge of traditional educational methods and values.

6.e-School induce a certain vision of the world..

7.e-School make it possible to learn without tensions and pressures.

8.e-School may be used to make children conscious of their own thinking process.


Our mission is to maximize the educational opportunity for every child by preventing lost learning days .We will team with the education community and our strategic partners to provide proven work force management expertise, cutting edge technology and innovative professional development solution for educators. We will foster an environment where each e-School solutions team member's creativity dedication, energy, and passion contribute to the creation of a batter future for our children.


Improve the quality and quantity of education for children in Maharashtra today. With a focus on preventing lost learning days, to provide better future tomorrow.The vision of this institute is to provide quality education and excellence in academic. Our collective vision is to develop an environment that fosters exemplary, innovation that responds swiftly to the challenges of the 21st century. Through the assessment of the academic achievement of our students and the effectiveness of our research programs we demonstrate our commitment to excellence and continuous development. .

e-School Courses

A world class, modern and cost effective computer institute that offer :

1.Class A: - Advanced Computer Fundamental

2. Class B: - Advanced Computer Applications

3. Class C: - Advanced Computer Maintenance

4.Class D: - Advanced Professional Accounting

5. Class F: - Computer Hardware & Networking.

6.Class G: - Advanced Computer Animation


Under the PVS Infotech, eSchool provide a opportunity for students to get a escollership. We take a online/offline exam and select top three student for e-scholarship. We offer best IT & professional courses under e-scholarship.